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Who We Are

Welcome, and thank you for visiting our space for professional and volunteer helpers. We sincerely hope you are able to find the resources within this website helpful in your pursuit of being a support for hurting men and women.

Life Perspectives is a team of men and women who understand that reproductive loss through abortion or miscarriage can be a painful and confusing experience. We have all been touched by reproductive loss in one way or another, and recognize that there is a need for a safe place to heal. We also see that the need for healing extends beyond the men and women experiencing loss, to a culture that does not know how to talk about reproductive loss, or be a strong support for those who need it. For over a decade Life Perspectives has offered a refuge for men, women, family, and friends experiencing reproductive loss, as well as equipped leaders with training and resources to better serve the men and women in their communities.

 Meet the Team

Michaelene Fredenburg


Carol Porter

Safe Place Institute Director

Sharon St. Pierre LCSW

Mental Health Coordinator

Katie Geppert

Partner Coordinator

Carolina Osuna

Office/Project Manager

Skyler Christensen

Communications/Marketing Coordinator

Jodi Kennedy

5K Coordinator

Dietrich Fredenburg

Resource Specialist

Anthony Mena

Office Assistant

 What We Offer

A Place to Heal

Life Perspectives provides a safe place to begin the healing journey. We offer a variety of healing resources for men, women, family members, and friends who have been touched by miscarriage or abortion. These resources include the healing websites AbortionChangesYou.com and MiscarriageHurts.com as well as a number of printed resources including the book Changed. All printed resources can be found in the Creating a Safe Place online shop.

A Place to Help

Life Perspectives works hard to equip leaders to better serve the men and women in their communities who have been touched by miscarriage or abortion. Through Creating a Safe Place we offer resources for both professional and volunteer helpers. Resources offered include outreach products to invite men and women to our healing websites, training products including the radio program Life after Abortion, and the in person Safe Place Training and Continuing Education Courses.

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