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What we do is for helpers who wish to aid men and women experiencing difficulty due to reproductive grief and loss after miscarriage or abortion. This website features Safe Place training and Abortion Changes You after-abortion healing resources in English and Spanish.

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The Safe Place App is a tool for anyone hoping to become more equipped to help family members or friends who are experiencing difficulty after an abortion. This app provides basic tips on how to be a safe place and offers a variety of interactive content.

Safe Place App provides:
  • Interactive quiz
  • Personal Journal
  • Find Help Directory of local resources for men and women
  • Much more


The Find Help Directory serves as a bridge to local resources for men and women who wish to seek help beyond the anonymous healing tools on

  • Join a network of over 1000 local resources.
  • Help hurting men and women find your resources.
  • Absolutely no cost to join.
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